Keith McMillen K-Mix Review – A Mixer, Audio Interface And Controller From The Future?

The music technology industry has a problem. I call it the MOTS (More Of The Same) syndrome. Every week, magazines and blogs receive countless announcements of products that, in most cases, are simply ‘more of the same’ – even though many users still get excited about the umpteenth filter/oscillator/virtual something (sad emoji).

After all, real innovations are rare and this is why we praise creative minds like Keith McMillen and his company Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) for their forward-thinking approach (their QuNexus is still one of our favorite mini-controllers!).

Last year, KMI announced the K-Mix, an innovative programmable mixer/audio interface/controller and the device immediately caught our attention.

Unfortunately, the K-Mix proved to be an extremely challenging project (you can read more about its development in our recent interview with Keith McMillen), so the release had to be postponed until Q1 2016.

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