Keith McMillen K-Mix Review – A Mixer, Audio Interface And Controller From The Future?

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The Editor
You can start using the K-Mix right out of the box, but many of its more advanced features may only be modified in the tightly integrated K-Mix Editor software (it’s free, and you can actually use it also in demo mode without a K-Mix if you want to find out more about its features).

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 09.56.12

The Editor boasts a clean look, with five self-explanatory tabs. I like its no-frills design, I just with the interface was resizable!
Changes made in the editor will be reflected immediately on the mixer; changes made on the mixer itself will be reflected immediately in the editor.

The K-Mix is not only able to work in classic stereo configurations, but it can handle surround panning as well. The panning uses Ambisonics algorithms to ensure a high-quality soundstage when working in a surround sound environment.
I didn’t have a chance to test this multi-speaker layout, but I’m sure it’s an extra feature many sound engineers and sound designers will appreciate.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 09.57.08

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