Modstep 1.1: Audio Units Support & Much More. Enter Our Giveaway And Win 5 Copies!


In our Modstep review we defined the app ‘a great step forward for step sequencing’ adding that ‘it has the potential to be very, very good indeed, if the developers keep tending to it and listening to users.’

Well, that’s exactly what’s been happening since the 1.0 release. Modstep keeps getting better and better, and the new 1.1 version is a new, big step forward.

Modstep 1.1 features Audio Units, a new Plugin Browser, Arrangement features, Global Scale, MIDI import and export, Audiobus destination support for up to eight channels, and a lot of enhancements and bugfixes.

You can find the looong list of new features and fixes here. Modstep will be on sale until Monday, April 25th for $14,99.

We’re looking forward to playing with the new Modstep 1.1 and to celebrate this update, we’re giving away 5 copies of the app!
To enter just leave a comment here below (using a valid email address, that’s how we’ll get in touch with you if you win) and please don’t be selfish! Share this post with your friends. It’s all about Karma!

Note: the giveaway has ended. We have sent an email to the five winners. Thanks everyone for joining!
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