Keith McMillen K-Mix Review – A Mixer, Audio Interface And Controller From The Future?

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First look
Last week we received one of the first units. The packaging is sleek and attractive, and once taken out of the box, the device makes quite an impression. It’s ridiculously compact and light, especially for the number of features it packs in.

Speaking of weight, don’t let it fool you. If you are familiar with KMI products, you’ll already know how sturdy they are. The K-Mix has no moving parts, and it’s built to last.

‘Buy One Get Three’
K-Mix is one of the most flexible products currently on the market. You can think of it as a 3-in-1 device:

  1. A programmable mixer with 8-in/10-outs, with the first two channels equipped with preamps and XLR/TRS combo inputs (and phantom power, +48v or +12v). The other six inputs are 1/4 inch TRS channels. You get onboard presets, an internal DSP (with reverb, compressor, gate), an EQ section and flexible routing: the K-Mix can also be used as 5.1, 7.1 and Octo Surround Mixer.
  2. A USB powered audio interface, with 24-bit AKM Converters/up to 96 kHz.
  3. A MIDI control surface, with sensitive rotaries and fader that can be used to control your DAW. The K-Mix also supports bi-directional MIDI communication via USB and external MIDI devices via 5-pin DIN cables (in this case the KMI Midi Expander is required).

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