Keith McMillen K-Mix Review – A Mixer, Audio Interface And Controller From The Future?

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Room For Growth
While the K-Mix is a brilliant device as is, there’s still some work to do on its software. As mentioned, at the moment the K-Mix supports Mac OS X, and the KMI is working hard on adding Windows and iOS to the list. Also, some of the features, as stated in the manual, are not available yet.

During my test, the support team kindly provided me with a beta version of the Editor and firmware, which addressed some of my MIDI-control related concerns (in particular with Logic Pro X).

My main issue with the current firmware is the low LED brightness in daylight. The unit runs on 5v provided by a computer or by the included USB power supply (when used as a mixer or in combination with an iPad).
If you think of it, it’s amazing what the engineers have been able to do with these 5 volts. At the same time, the brightness of the LEDs is essential in order to set the levels accurately.

The manual mentions an upcoming preference in the Editor, which will allow users to select the brightness level. I’ve been reassured that this is a priority for the development team, and I will update this section once I get access to a newer version of the firmware.

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