Keith McMillen K-Mix Review – A Mixer, Audio Interface And Controller From The Future?

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Are you in a band and looking for a compact and flexible mixer with many channels?

Are you a producer/songwriter shopping for a new audio interface (with two quality mic preamps and plenty of I/O) that can double as mixer and controller?

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Are you a sound designer working with surround audio for an installation or a performance?

In all these cases and then some, the K-Mix can be terribly helpful.
It’s ultra-compact, light and sturdy (the first backpack-friendly mixer?) and yet flexible and powerful. It’s obviously not as intuitive as a traditional mixer and it doesn’t offer the same tactile experience, but I think the benefits outweigh the downsides.

I can’t think of a single device that can do as much as the K-Mix does, in such a hybrid mobile-friendly package and at an attractive price point ($579) – slightly less attractive for European users, 679 €).

The ‘problem’ is, while the K-Mix is starting to hit the shelves around the world as we speak, only Mac OS X users can benefit from its audio interface and control surface features. Windows and iOS users will have to wait just a little bit longer (no ETA at the moment, but iOS support should be here soon – the beta firmware I’ve been testing is promising).

As for the K-Mix integration with our DAWs, right now it requires some manual configuration work, which makes it a bit daunting for less experienced users.

The attentive guys at KMI are aware of all this, and they are working hard at getting updates and features released in a timely fashion, making scripts / presets for various DAWs.
Windows drivers are in the works, iOS support and better LEDs brightness are as well. Full MIDI support is also coming soon.

We will keep an eye on these updates. The K-Mix raises the bar regarding features and flexibility, and it truly deserves to reach its full potential.
That said, the K-Mix is already worthy of our Convenience badge, and it goes straight to our list of candidates for the Sonic Joy Awards 2016.

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My wishes for a future revision? In my opinion, if the K-Mix proves to be successful, there’s space on the market for a slightly bigger version, with 4/6/8 preamps and a full-size headphone output. The device would have to use a standard power supply losing a bit of its mobile-friendly appeal, but it would still offer a killer combination of features and size. Good luck K-Mix, the world is waiting…

Where to buy?
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