Things I Liked At Music Tech Fest Berlin 2016

Deluge – Compact All-In-One Sound Machine


I wish I could have spent some time with this intriguing machine, but the inventor must have vanished in the Funkaus’ labyrinth right after his presentation.
Anyway, for now you just need to know that the Synthstrom Deluge is a cool looking and sounding compact synth, sequencer and sampler (or better sample player) created by Rohan Hill.

No specs or further details yet, but unlike many of the prototypes seen at MTF, Deluge is almost ready for prime time and it will be on sale soon.

Keep an eye on Rohan’s website here.

Why I liked it
With its mix of monome-style grid, nice looking knobs and compact case, the Deluge by Synthstrom could be a candidate for the portable sound machine of the year.

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