Things I Liked At Music Tech Fest Berlin 2016

Felix Faire – ROLI meets visuals

ROLI unveils the new Seaboard RISE 49
The ROLI Seaboard RISE is one of the most interesting and innovative controllers on the market – I actually got one for myself just a couple of weeks ago!

That said, I’ve never been particularly impressed with the presentations I’ve seen at places like NAMM and Musikmesse (too guitar virtuoso style for my taste, sorry Jordan & co.!).

Thankfully at MTF the multi-talented Felix Faire (musician, designer and also a developer at ROLI!) has offered a gracious preview performance of his new audio-visual system that uses the detailed physical expression data of the Seaboard RISE to create real time ‘visual music’.

I’m looking forward to seeing more about this and I believe this slower, Impressionist playing style suits the ROLI controller much better. Now I’m even more inspired to make the most of my new Seaboard Rise!

Find out more about Felix visiting his personal website.

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