Things I Liked At Music Tech Fest Berlin 2016

Mod Duo – The Ubiquitous Pedal

Mod Devices was among the main supporters of this edition of the Music Tech Fest. Their Mod Duo, a software-based multi-function pedal, was simply ubiquitous. I’ve seen it used by vocalists, guitar players, clarinet players, you name it.

Music Tech Fest provided the right environment to show off the endless possibilities offered by the Mod Duo. Even Martin Molin, the inventor of the Marble Machine, had a chance to try the Mod Duo in combination with one of the sound machines he brought to the festival.


Check out the features and pre-order your Mod Duo here.

Why I liked it
While I love the timeless simplicity (and the beauty) behind traditional pedals, a device like the Mod Duo is something I would like to add to my setup. I’m all for customizable, space-saving options and the Mod Duo ticks all these boxes. If the Mod Devices guys will iron out all the potential software issues and provide effects that can rival the classics we all know and love, I don’t see any reason not to own one of these pedals.

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