Outer Spaces – The New Max For Live Alien Reverb By Amazing Noises

Let’s be honest; you can never have enough reverbs! I don’t know about you, but here at ANR we are big fans of Eventide’s stuff (like the awesome Eventide Space pedal and plugins like UltraReverb and Blackhole) and every time there’s a new reverb in town, we’re all ears.

The Italian team at Amazing Noises (also check their brilliant iOS apps) just released Outer Spaces, a versatile new audio processor for Ableton Live (requires Max For Live) that puts your sounds in beautiful spaces – but it goes way beyond your standard reverb.

Outer Spaces does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a multipurpose tool for experimental sound design, from endless echoes to alien drones and everything in between.


Its reverberation features let you sculpt anything from a snug room to a cavernous cathedral (or even that huge reverb sound with endless decay). On top of this, the device’s other audio processing options can be combined for radical sonic transformations.
Thanks to its complex network of delay lines and feedback parameters, you can also use Outer Spaces as a delay effect. The tool lends itself to designing intricate bouncing echoes and other intricately evolving spaces.

Check out the following video and get ready to cancel your appointments for the weekend – you’ll likely be floating in space!

Pricing and compatibility
Outer Spaces costs $29 and features 107 presets. Requires Ableton Live 9 and Max for Live.

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