Things I Liked At Music Tech Fest Berlin 2016

Skoog 2.0 – Redefining accessibility

Remember Skoog, the playful and accessible hand-sized cube presented a few years ago? Well, the project is growing nicely: Skoogmusic recently announced the commercial launch of Skoog 2.0.

Skoog 2.0 comes with a host of interesting new features, including the ability to play wirelessly via a new app for iPhone and iPad, as well as integration with iTunes and Spotify to allow users to play along with their favorite tunes.

Why I liked it
I spent some time with Ben, Skoog’s co-inventor, talking about the frequent misconception associated with the word ‘accessibility’ (as something that is only for people who are disadvantaged). While Skoog keeps being a reference product for the education market, Ben pointed out that for the company an accessible product is actually one that has been designed for everyone. Looking at the software updates they are working on right now, this makes even more sense.

We will keep an eye on Skoog in the next few months, 2016 could be the year we could literally squeeze out some fresh new music!

Last but not least: given we were all at MTF, I strongly advised Ben to meet the Polyend guys (probably our favorite startup of the year so far – check out our Musikmesse quick report!).

Here’s what happens when Skoog 2.0 meets Perc (a MIDI-controlled mechanical device that plays acoustic percussive instruments). Using a combination of a kick, a hi-hat, Skoog’s own synth sounds and ROLI’s Noise app on an iPad the two technologies had a jam.
The Perc was set up to play Skoog as one of the elements of its percussion kit and this is what happened.

Read more about Skoog on their website.

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