KORG Volca Skins Review – The Italian Way

KORG Volca Sample skin
If you’re a KORG Volca user and you would like to find quality yet affordable skins for your device(s), we got you covered. We stumbled upon an Italian graphic design agency, Bisonti, which provides streamlined, easy on the eyes KORG Volca skins on eBay US / eBay UK / eBay DE / eBay IT (with worldwide shipping).

The company offers skins for several KORG Volca models – Volca Kick, Volca Bass, Volca Beats and Volca Sample (including also the Volca Sample OK GO limited edition).


Volca Skins To The Rescue

You might remember our KORG Volca Sample OK GO Edition review from 2016. This model, despite being loaded with some pretty fun samples, hasn’t exactly been praised for its layout. Honestly, it is quite hard to read, making the whole experience not as appealing as it should be.

This is where these skins can help. We tried them ourselves and we’re pretty happy with the results. They come in a nice, well-protected envelope and they’re essentially double-layered, matte-laminated, anti-smudge sticker covers for your beloved Volca. As the maker points out, they are designed with live performers in mind. All the functions are easy to see at a glance.


KORG Volca Skins For Keys, Bass and Sample

They’re easy to apply – you only have to remove the two big knobs on your Volca (i.e. Bass and Treble for the Volca Sample), apply the sticker (putting some extra pressure around the corners, to make sure it sticks), put back the knobs and you’re done. And yeah, they can be removed (even though we’re pretty sure we won’t remove ours, why should we?)

KORG Volca Sample Skin for OK GO edition

Heads-up: If you struggle taking out the knobs (some might be tighter than others) don’t panic. Put your Volca on a table, push with one hand on its surface while pulling the knob with the other hand. It should come off quite easily after some seconds. Don’t overdo it, you don’t want to kill your knobs! 🙂

See the official video from the company for a quick tutorial:

How To Buy

You’ll find these KORG Volca skins on eBay US / eBay UK / eBay DE / eBay IT for approx $15 each (or the equivalent in other currencies). The company ships worldwide. Highly recommended (a must-have if you got a Volca Sample OK GO edition!), check them out!

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