Surfing the Audioscape of the Internet

It all happens so fast that we seldom take the moment to sit back and contemplate all the audio changes we have gone through. Just on the internet, we encounter new sounds, and in new ways, all the time. Really, the internet has brought on an audio revolution like few times before. 

Here are some of the biggest changes to our audioscape with the advent of the world wide web. 

Podcasts Modernize the Radio

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The radio has a particular sound. The way we turn the dial until it sits just right on the spot with the least amount of static possible stays with us for a lifetime. Radio technology lasted decades, and continues to function, though on a significantly reduced basis.

It is interesting how this sound that we worked so hard to avoid can now bring us a warm nostalgia. Now, with the proliferation of podcasts, we no longer have the staticky voices telling us their opinion on the daily news while we wake up or drive to work.

Instead, we can choose when we listen to our favorite programs, dissociating voice and time of day in a way that radio just could not. The voices come in crisp and clean. They are also more professionalized, being able to record, test, and re-record if the sound, cadence, or word choice was off. 

In this way, we have lost access to improvisation and imperfect radio and gained an instantly accessible catalog of fascinating talks, interviews, and research. The internet brought us access to podcasts and has drastically changed our audioscape in the process in surprising ways. 

An Ever-Expanding Video Game Library

Music in video games has its own history. Some of these soundtracks have become legendary in their own right, with orchestras and original scores backing up the incredible graphics, gameplay, and storyline. 

When choosing games to play, check out guides on the subject. These experts help, for example, in finding the best online casinos in Kuwait. They will direct you to the most entertaining, safe, and fairest sites. They will even show you how to sign up and get started on the sites with the widest selection of games.

Whichever games you dive into, it is good to get expert advice on games with great soundtracks. If not, ask around your friend group, and you will be directed to the right spot. This way, you do not end up wasting time or playing games that may be hosted on risky websites. Having the option of the internet’s video game library is a huge plus in this category. 

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Websites with Multimedia Design

Something completely new on the internet are websites with multimedia design. In other words, it is a nearly immersive experience. They take care of the visual, as well as the audio. 

While normally this is a good thing, there are other examples of this becoming a problem. Many advertisements are played automatically, and autoplay videos can slow down our loading speed. There are even guides on how to fight back against autoplay videos.

In some cases, you can read about your favorite artist’s latest tracks, and the website will automatically play the song as you read about it. This type of multimedia experience is one of the gifts of the internet. While before we had things like movies or installation art that could compare, the ability to read at home and experience what seems like a personalized artwork is a whole new audio experience thanks to the internet.

The Ability to Discover New Music

Perhaps no change in our audioscape has been as drastic as the seeming omnipotence that we enjoy when it comes to discovering music. Before the advent of the internet, we tended to listen to the same sounds again and again. Because we had limited selection, based on the CD’s or cassettes that we or our friends had bought. 

Now, we can revisit old classics with ease, discover new beats without even trying. We can browse without a hitch, and also store and catalog like never before. In some ways, it is automatically programmed into the algorithm, making for a seamlessly pleasant musical experience. The audioscape of the internet has changed our consumption of music, the audio par excellence, like nothing else.

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