S³-6R – A Raspberry Pi 6 voice Poly Synth From Japan

raspberry pi synth
The Raspberry Pi is known for being a fun, affordable micro-computer for a wide range of applications, including synthesizers.

The latest example comes from R-MONO Lab (apparently the moniker of an ex-engineer of a big Japanese synth company starting with R – got it?). The result is S³-6R (EsCube-6R), a Raspberry Pi 6 voice polyphonic synthesizer (put inside a Roland K-25m).

According to its creator, the instrument offers a synthesis based on original phase control and modulation thinking (αα-Phase Modulation).

Check out the video here (make sure to turn on the English subs)

Main Features

-Original-Uniq Phase Control and Phase Modulation Synthesis (αα-Phase Modulation)
– Also features envelope generator and LFO dedicated for phase modulation.
– High-Resolution (24bit/96kHz), 6-Polyphonic (5-Polyphonic when using Super Oscillators)
– Running on the Raspberry Pi 3


Unfortunately, it seems that there are no plans to release this synth and to publish the source code. Maybe this will change in the future? Read more on the maker’s website.

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