OS Update For The Teenage Engineering OP-1 – Exclusive Beta At Musikmesse

! This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

In the past few years, things have been quiet for the Teenage Engineering OP-1, one of our favorite sound design tools (see our OP-1 review).

The latest OS update was released two years ago, introducing (among other things) the DSynth synthesizer engine and the Sketch sequencer. Then the Pocket Operators took center stage, while rumors of an upcoming OP-1 OS update kept surfacing here and there on the web.

Today Teenage Engineering announced that a new OP-1 OS is in final beta testing and that they will offer a preview at Musikmesse. OP-1 users will be able to install the beta OS on location. The update will be available for all users soon. No words on the actual features of the update yet.

Visit the Teenage Engineering booth at Musikmesse (C29, hall 9.1.) to know more and to experience the new OP-1 OS.

UPDATE: we had a preview of the new OS at Muskmesse. Unfortunately, taking pictures or videos was not an option. In short, the unit now features several new synth presets carefully crafted to show the warmer and more rounded side of the machine.
Also, a new sequencer mode, called Arpeggio (pretty self explanatory but with inspiring touches, as you would expect from TE). The knobs will now be push-enabled, but this feature will have a gradual implementation. The TE guys want to make sure to do it right, so they will start with something simple (but quite helpful) like using the push action to automatically scan the frequencies in radio mode, etc. More on this soon…

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