Eventide Ensemble – A Subscription To Every Eventide Plugin

The subscription model is proving to be one of the main trends in the music tech industry: Slate and EastWest come to mind, as well as Splice.
Today Eventide joined the game announcing Ensemble, a plugin subscription bundle that contains a complete collection of all of its current plugins.

Ensemble provides an alternative to those wishing to use Eventide’s award-winning effects without having to purchase them first. Subscriptions can be paused and restarted at any time, making it ideal for special projects or for those who may be away on tour.

Flexibility is the key here: pro engineers and producers are probably better served with a full, permanent bundle like the Eventide Anthology X (the company will continue to sell permanent licenses to its plugins), but for those users who may only need to use Eventide’s plugins occasionally, the Ensemble subscription can be a great (iLok free) option.

Subscription Options
Ensemble is available in two basic subscription options. Both options include every Eventide plugin plus Eventide customer support.

Note: Until April 30, $50 off on the yearly subscription!

Ensemble Monthly Subscription:
Pay by the month; start and stop your subscription at any time. Ensemble Monthly Subscription is $29.99/mo.

Ensemble Annual Subscription:
All the flexibility of a plugin subscription with a two month discount. Ensemble Annual Subscription is $249 until May 1, 2016, $299 after.

Additionally, Eventide plugin owners are eligible for a free month of the entire Ensemble subscription for each plugin they already own (up to 6 months). Monthly subscription will automatically begin once the free months have been used.

Ensemble Bundle Plugins:

  • H3000 Factory
  • Blackhole
  • UltraReverb
  • 2016 Stereo Room
  • UltraChannel
  • H910
  • H910 Dual
  • H949
  • H949 Dual
  • Octavox Quadravox
  • H3000 Band Delays
  • Omnipressor
  • Instant Phaser
  • Instant Flanger
  • EChannel
  • EQ45
  • EQ65
  • Precision Time AlignNew Eventide plugin to be Announced!

Eventide Ensemble subscriptions are managed by Gobbler (that also manages Slate subscriptions). Support will be provided by Eventide through its website and forums.

For more information, please visit the official Ensemble page.

Ensemble is available for AU, VST and AAX for Mac and PC. No iLok dongle required.

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