What’s The Impact of Music on Casino Gamers?

Many people would say they never listen to music, they don’t have a favourite artist and they think that music has no effect on them. However, this is usually not entirely true. Everyone listens to music – in clothes stores, restaurants, supermarkets, on the long-distance bus or in the waiting room of the dentist. And all these places play a specific type of music that will certainly put you into the mood they want you to be in – relaxed, excited, generous, romantic, you name it. 

The importance of music is especially high in entertainment venues and among those, in casinos. Visiting a casino is a special occasion for most people and dressing up, having fancy drinks, socializing and listening to lounge music are all parts of the whole experience. In this article, we are discussing the importance of music in casinos, with Hungarian iGaming expert Szilvia Sultés. 

Music in online casinos

“While music in casino settings is very important, it is entirely different in online casinos. When you visit most online casinos, for example, bet365 casino who accepts players from Hungary as well as from most other countries, you will not have any background music on the site. Online casinos offer so many different games to so many people of different demographics that it would be impossible to please everyone. 

Instead, they will have background music for the games and especially the slot games. You can choose mellow oriental music if you play a Japan-themed game, heavy metal if you opt for House of Doom or your typical cacophony of noises on most fruit machines. 

Lounge music in brick-and-mortar casinos

In physical casinos the preferred music genre is lounge. This music style has been around since the 1930s and is the preferred music style in hotels, bars, restaurants and casinos alike. It provides easy listening without distracting words or upsetting or exciting tempo and it will put most people in a relaxed mood where they can enjoy themselves without worries. Lounge music was derived from jazz and has combined different foreign elements from around the world. You will often recognize Latin genres as well as Polynesian tunes incorporated in lounge music. 

Lounge music is often instrumental; however, modern versions can use electronic components – and they are often referred to as chillout music. This music type is relaxing and pleasant to listen to (Buddha Bar compilations, anyone?). Lounge music is very popular in Hungary and apart from casinos, there are a number of bars that specialize in this trendy music genre. 

The psychology behind gambling music

Casinos want gamblers to spend as much time at the casino as possible and with music, they are trying to create a comforting and safe environment. They want players to feel relaxed and welcome and continue playing, especially around the table games. When people play poker, they don’t want loud music where it is hard to concentrate. Casinos don’t play party music either as this would encourage tipsy players to look for the dance floor and leave the tables. 

Casinos try to create a calm environment where if players keep losing, they will still feel relaxed. Soothing tones can calm their nerves and keep them at the table. Lounge music doesn’t convey any political or religious messages so won’t offend anyone, neither will it create any distractions. Lighting, fabrics and music are all part of this stress-free environment and they all play an equal part. 

When it comes to the slot machine section, generally, gamers come across different music. Even if lounge tunes are playing in the background, the slot games will make so much noise that you won’t hear anything else. Slots are fast-paced and gambling sounds such as falling coins or bells signalling another big win are all there to excite slot players and to entice them for a few more spins. 


Music plays a very important role in casino environments. Casino owners want to create a safe and relaxing environment where players will want to spend a lot of time. This stress-free environment relaxes people even if they are on a losing spree and therefore can generate more income for the casino. Lounge music is the preferred genre in casinos, which corporates elements of jazz and other instrumental music styles”.