Future Audio Trends That We Can Expect

Nowadays, technology is evolving and much faster pace than ever before. We are seeing some remarkable changes to every industry and the trend does not mean to stop any time soon. Audio technology is no exception as we experienced some major changes that happened only in a few years. Streaming media was one of the innovations that change audio forever, even songs started to different in a different way. Large companies have pushed the audio technology and developed wireless audio experiences, longer playback times, voice UI and much more.

In this article, we will go through some of the trends for future breakthrough technologies that will continue to improve the audio experience.

Wireless Revolution Will Continue

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When Apple released the iPhone 7 back in 2016 with no audio jack, everyone went mad and taught that it was very bold call, but it seems like the company anticipated this movement and saw the future of wireless technology. Nowadays, most of the audio devices are produced with wireless technology making them easy to use while not corrupting the audio quality.

Wireless technology will not improve only audio devices, but it tends to improve every industry in the world. A video broadcast is also improved in every way as ESPN announced that the Breeders Cup 2019 uses wireless transmitting technology to broadcast the event.

The battery life was one of the main concerns about audio devices, and it seems like that problem is far gone since some of today’s wireless devices can go up to 38 hours between charges. In the future, we can expect that all of the devices will turn into wireless ones and it would become our main type of connection.

360- Degree Audio

Let’s get one thing straight, no matter how cool or practical any audio device is, consumers still value audio quality the most. That is why audio company giants start to focus on the sound quality on their devices and bringing the experience a step further. Sony recently announced that they are developing new audio technology called ‘360 Reality Audio’, which is a new sound delivering format that is compatible with headphones and makes you feel the sound coming from every direction.

This new technology will also change the way music is made and encourage artists to challenge new perspectives and create new ways of delivering their sound.

Audio Gadgets that are Eco-Friendly

Over recent times eco-friendly products have experienced a huge rise in both development and sales. It is an interesting way to see that some audio devices are being made from recycled or natural materials.

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Companies are designing new audio devices that are made from bamboo, recycled plastic bottles or aluminum (which is easily recycled). This will become a huge movement in the future not just for audio devices, but for all new designs as it is the only way to take care of our planet.

Simplifying Technologies

The future will bring us much simpler devices that can deliver the same studio-quality sound. Simplicity is the primary goal for every company and the sound industry will become much easier to use and understand. For example, new LG just introduced a TV that is WiSA certified (Wireless Speaker and Audio) that comes with extraordinary 5.1 surround sound that has no wires and no need for A/V receiver but still delivers almost cinema-quality sound.

Sound Quality

It seems like the sound quality does not require any improvements just because it is already incredible through some high-quality devices. However, companies are working hard in order to design new creative and more efficient ways for sound waves to travel through. Since sound quality is the number one priority for every consumer, companies still see a chance for improvement. The future will bring the sound quality of professional systems to our homes and in our everyday use. So it is expected to get the same quality of sound even on smaller devices.

These are some of the audio trends that are expected to happen in the future. There are many different physical components that can be improved or made with reduced size for more practicality. We might even see some new bright idea that will change the audio forever, only time will tell.

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