Sonimus N-Console Puts a Neve 8014 In Your DAW

Get ready to improve your mixing experience with Sonimus’ latest innovation, the highly anticipated N-Console emulation plugin. Building upon the success of the renowned Britson plugin, N-Console takes things to a whole new level with its enhanced settings and cutting-edge features that promise to transform the way you approach mixing.

According to the company, you can inject life into your tracks with the incredibly versatile 2-in-1 N-Console plugin. Immerse yourself in the authentic warmth and openness of the legendary Neve 8014 hardware console, while embracing a touch of modern workflow and advanced functionality. Experience the power of mix/blend control, dual saturation modes, tone color busses, and seamless grouping options, all designed to effortlessly optimize and elevate your sound.

Among the many standout features of N-Console, the Grouping functionality takes center stage. Seamlessly take control of all your grouped instances, allowing for meticulous volume adjustments and the ability to toggle the game-changing FAT mode on or off. Take creativity to the next level by leaving some instances ungrouped and introducing a second N-Console channel as a separate, mind-bending overdrive effect.

Key features:

  • Harness the power of subtle or aggressive saturation, perfect for adding character to virtual or real instruments.
  • Two distinctive saturation modes: Normal, for subtle distortion with high dynamic range, and Fat, delivering a hotter signal with a lower dynamic range.
  • Immerse your mixes in a three-dimensional sonic landscape with the optional Stereo Crosstalk feature, adding depth and dimensionality to your sound.
  • Enjoy sweet and pleasant filtering with carefully tuned low and high pass filters, ensuring an ear-pleasing audio experience.
  • Disable saturation to utilize N-Console for precise trim and metering purposes, providing unrivaled control over your mix.
  • Elevate your master track with N-Console’s three captivating color modes: Default (no color), Master Loudness, and Master Bright.
  • Take advantage of grouping instances to effortlessly affect multiple channels simultaneously, streamlining your workflow and unleashing boundless creativity.
  • Experience zero latency (with no oversampling), minimal group delay, and optimized low CPU consumption, ensuring a smooth and efficient mixing process.
  • Benefit from N-Console’s cutting-edge 64-bit floating-point double-precision architecture, delivering pristine audio quality with uncompromising precision.


$49 (currently on sale for $41). To learn more please visit the product page.

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