Final EQ, New Precision EQ By Final Effect

Final Effect is a new audio software company and today they released Final EQ, their second plugin. While the company is new, the people behind it are experienced audio industry members.

Final EQ is a six-band equalizer with highly flexible band control that’s perfectly suited for
precision mixing use on individual tracks, final tweaks on a master buss, or even extreme
creative uses. Final EQ lets you use your mouse wheel to select band types, fine-tune your
curve’s impact with dry/wet control, make sense of your signal with the frequency analyzer,
and sum your signal to mono for output.

Final Effect’s in-house developed sound engine delivers a powerful sound, and precision
beyond that of traditional outboard gear, giving producers flexible control over the tonality of
their music. Sometimes what you need is a simple but powerful tool, and that’s exactly what
Final EQ offers.

Main Features

Powerful six-band parametric EQ
Each band can be set to any band type – you can even have five high
shelves. Flick between band types with a simple mouse scroll and control
parameters either graphically or with the per-band parameter controls.

Dry/Wet mix
Enter new levels of tonal control with the dedicated dry/wet dial. Love the
tone you’re getting but want to soften it a little? Just roll off on the wet to
reduce the effect of your entire EQ curve at any time.

Pre and Post Analyzer
Get maximum visual feedback by switching between Pre and Post
spectrum analyzer view. Make EQ decisions based on the incoming signal
in Pre view, then switch to Post view to make sure there are no issues
with your final results.

Final EQ is available to buy now at It costs $150 and a 14-day trial is available.

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