PS5 Apple Music: 8 Things to Know About It

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Are you fond of listening to music and playing online games? If you are, then PS5 Apple Music is an excellent option for you. Apple Music streaming platform is now launched on PS5 (PlayStation 5).

That means you can now enjoy Apple Music and gaming experience right on your device. In this post, we will let you cover all the basic and important information to easily use Apple Music on PS5.  

What Can Music Users Enjoy?

PS5 users having an Apple Music subscription can listen to over 90 million Apple Music songs and curated playlists. Moreover, users can also take pleasure from 4K music videos and today’s hits streaming on Apple Music Radio.

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You can even create customized playlists according to your music desires. Moreover, you are free to listen to classics and country living. All these types of music can be enjoyed while during, before, or after the gameplay session.

Download Apple Music on PS5

To download Apple Music on PS5, you require to follow a simple process with no need to turn on singing on Apple Music. To get started with it, first go to the main menu and keep scrolling to the top. Now, choose the Media tab.

Next, scroll a little to the left to select the All Apps icon. Then, keep scrolling down until you find the Video and music apps option. Here, choose the Apple Music app and select Download. Finally, click on Start.

Set Up Apple Music on PS5

Once you download the Apple Music app on PlayStation 5 consoles, select the Login or Sign up option. Now, provide the required details. Follow the process instructed on your screen to learn the ways to log into your Apple Music account.

You can sign in using the PS5 browser or device you own. To use the Apple Music app on the PS5, you require a paid individual account. Otherwise, you can’t enjoy the Apple Music Voice. After logging into your account, you can enjoy your preferred music.

Use Apple Music PS5

You can either begin Apple Music before you start playing a game or during gameplay. For this, click the PS button available on the DualSense wireless controller. Now, you can access the Control Center and choose the Music Function card.

Next, you will find recommendations that perfectly match the game you’re playing. You can select from various curated playlists of Apple Music for gaming. Or, simply pick from a playlist in your library.

Vital Shortcuts and Controls

To get the dashboard and the Music card:

  1. Use the PS button.
  2. Pick Apple Music.
  3. Select a song from different options like Recently Played, Top Picks, Recommended albums, Playlists, and Featured. The selected song will start playing.

To change the music volume, use the Volume controls. You can control the song recently playing using the Volume, Play/Pause, Shuffle, and Skip options. To pause music, click the Square button. Access the Switcher card if you don’t like the recommendations.

Issues With Apple Music on PS5

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Initially, everything was perfect for PS5 and Apple Music. But, then, users started experiencing various problems with the app. Many users reported that Apple Music on the PS5 is not working.

Some users also notice that the app keeps crashing when they try to use it on PS5. It might be due to an outdated Apple Music app update or other reasons. The PS5 console itself may also be the culprit.

Fix Apple Music PS5 Crashing Issue

Unfortunately, Apple Music or PS5 developers have not released any particular solution yet to fix the Apple Music PS5 crashing issue. But, there are some tricks you can try to quickly troubleshoot the problem by yourself.

Try updating or reinstalling Apple Music on PS5. If the problem continues, sign out of your Apple music account on PS5 and sign back in. Other tips include enabling the iCloud Music Library, checking the PS5 system update, and an active Apple Music subscription.

Spatial Audio on PS5

The standout feature of Apple Music, “Spatial Audio,” is not supported by PS5 Apple Music. Currently, this app is not supporting Dolby Atmos. The primary reason is the constraint of Bluetooth support of the console.

To enjoy the Spatial Audio, users will need AirPods Max, AirPods Pro, AirPods 3, or compatible Beats headphones. For using wireless headphones with PlayStation 5, you also have to connect a Bluetooth adapter.  

The Conclusion

These are the basic things every new user must know about using Apple Music on PS5. Once you download the Apple Music app, it will be added to your PS5 Control Center or a dashboard.

You can access and manage playback while enjoying an awesome gaming experience. Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy your favorite music featuring higher quality. Apple Music on PS5 doesn’t support Spatial Audio or Dolby Atmos streaming.

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