Erica Synths Goes Plugin With Zen Delay Virtual

Erica Synths has just introduced Zen Delay Virtual (ZDV), a software version of their brilliant hardware FX unit Zen Delay, made in collaboration with the Ninja Tune label and introduced back in early 2020.

According to the company, ZDV is not simply a digital replica or replacement of the hardware, but an addition to it. ZDV brings several new functions into play to become a studio secret weapon for all kinds of instruments! Drums, basses, keys, guitars, vocals, FX, Foley… no matter what instrument or sonic source you play, the ZDV will help you refine, redefine and remold your sound in fascinating ways.


  •  the new LFO page breathes surprising rhythmic animation to life, controlling Filter and Delay, with FM and AM controls to add further dank modulation scope.
  • the preset manager helps to save your own effect settings. Comes with a selection of killer presets from our talented team of mutant sound smiths such as Mijk van Dijk, Nerk from Toktok, Dr Walker of Air Liquide and others.
  • brand new groove timings of the various triplets and dotted delay times
  •  possibility to change the routing between the delay and filter stages, even inserting the filter within the feedback loop.

ZDV is available from the Erica Synths website, for €99 (plus taxes, if applicable). You can learn more about it and get it from here. The plugin uses the iLok protection method (computer or dongle-based), and a one-week trial version is available.

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