Expressive E Osmose Is Here And Can Be Pre-Ordered (Again)

Three years ago, Expressive E embarked on an ambitious adventure by opening the pre-orders for their standalone synthesizer, Osmose.
Osmose elevates a playerʼs experience by introducing a new landscape of features for musicians to interact with sound and produce music in new ways. It does this while not only respecting, but also enhancing the playerʼs existing keyboard skills. Every note can be articulated independently with unique expressive possibilities, such as those seen in this Osmose gesture compilation video:

To achieve that goal, the Expressive E engineers set out to industrialize a new generation of expressive keybed which is at the core of Osmoseʼs playing experience.
The biggest challenge was to implement all expressiveness-related technologies into the familiar keybed form factor of the piano that musicians have been using for centuries.

Creating a new kind of keybed generated manyindustrial production obstacles and ultimately required a total symbiosis between DSP and hardware to connect all players to Omoseʼs sound through the use of natural gestures.

Expressive E engineers conducted hundreds of on-field test sessions to fine-tune the complex design of the synthesizer.

Artists played a tremendous role in the refinement of Osmose by providing precise feedback about playing sensations and helped shape a new ergonomic tool, relevant for musicians from various music scenes and cultural horizons.

Thanks to their support as well as the early adopters and partners, the wait is finally over: Osmose has now started to ship.

First deliveries and re-opening of preorders

Expressive E are thrilled to announce the delivery of the first Osmose units to early adopters of the project. The first products had already been delivered in late 2022 and early backersʼ shipments will keep flowing continuously.

Expressive E have thus decided to reopen pre-orders on January 5th 2023 for all musicians interested in purchasing Osmose.

The pre-order scheme has been reconducted to allow Expressive E to anticipate demand as efficiently as possible and organize their production schedules accordingly.

Despite a tense economical environment driven by inflation, component shortages and the resurgence of epidemics, the company will still commit to guaranteeing a $/€1,799 retail price, within the limits of allocated stocks.

Interested musicians can now pre-order their Osmose on Expressive Eʼs website or through an affiliated dealer, such as Thomann.

A new kind of synthesizer

From its inception, Osmose was designed as a solution to connect musicians with electronic
instruments more intimately while still retaining the sound-design abilities of modern-day and vintage synthesizers.

Backed by a powerful sound engine made in collaboration with pioneering audio company
Haken Audio, Osmose offers more than 500 creativity-boosting presets. Each of them was fine-tuned to offer performance and recording-ready macros. Preset curation covers many musical genres including modern pop, urban, film scoring, electronic music, sound design, and traditional
instrumental music.

Made to inspire, Osmose offers a playful experience based on familiar features and thus
presents a gentle learning curve. It offers the benefits of MPE instruments without the need to relearn the instrument entirely.

Celebrating Osmose with artist videos

From the beginning, Osmose has been a collaborative project with artists from many musical backgrounds. They have been involved in the development of Osmose to make it a musical companion to fit their creative and ergonomic needs. Expressive E celebrates these artist collaborations with the release of a video series recapping the Osmose adventure and the reaction of artists to the new, dynamic, inspiring synthesizer.

Shot in Chennai (India), Paris (France), and Los Angeles (USA), the video series features
musicians and producers like Flying Lotus, AR Rahman, Jean-Michel Jarre, Mike Dean, Cory Henry, André Manoukian, and Tarik Azzouz. It shows their approach to musical expression, how they interact with Osmose, and how this new synthesizer has influenced the way they play. A trailer for the series is now available on YouTube.

During Q1 and Q2 2023 Expressive E will regularly release clips focusing on each individual
artist from the main trailer video. The first three episodes of the series are now available on YouTube.
They feature musical icon A.R. Rahman (Grammy winner and film scorer for 127 Hours and Slumdog Millionaire), jazz virtuoso J3PO (a prolific solo artist and keyboardist for Marcus Miller), and trap beatmaker veteran Tarik Azzouz (a Grammy winner who has worked with Jay-Z, DJ Khaled, 2 Chainz, and many more.

To learn more about Osmose and pre-order yours (for €1799 plus tax if applicable), please visit this page.

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