Invigorate – Innovative Bus Compressor From Newfangled Audio

Newfangled Audio (you might remember this name for their brilliant West Coast-style Generate soft synth has released Invigorate, a bus compressor like no other. Invigorate can smoothly morph from compression through limiting to overdrive, making it fast and easy to mix in just the right amount of character and make your mixes, busses, and tracks sound huge.

Invigorate’s user interface features a unique radar display and intelligent gain compensation engine that makes it easy to hear and see exactly what you’re doing. Three tone controls—Sensitivity, Input Exciter, and Output Tone—give you unprecedented control over the tone of your compressed signal. Invigorate also includes over 200 presets, including some developed by renowned artists, curated for a variety of audio sources, whole mixes, and mastering.

Invigorate is available from Eventide Audio with an introductory sale price of $49 ($99 MSRP) through January 2, 2023. Crossgrade discounts are available for owners of other Newfangled Audio products.
To learn more and request a free 30-day demo, visit the official web page.

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