BeatSpace, An Inspiring Gift For Microtonic Users

The best drum machine plugin of all time, Sonic Charge’s Microtonic, has a new gift for its users. The Swedish company has released BeatSpace, a freely downloadable script. It is based on data from nearly 30000 Patternarium presets, used to train a neural network to create stellar-sounding beats and to spread them on a 2-dimensional map. The developers then converted this neural network into a Javascript for Microtonic that lets you drag eight points around this map to morph and combine sounds and rhythms into your own unique creations.

BeatSpace is included in the latest version of the Official Microtonic Script installer, available for registered Microtonic users. Simply run the installer and use the little puzzle button in Microtonic to open it.

I just spent a few minutes with BeatSpace and I have to say Sonic Charge did an awesome job here. First of all, I think the entire electronic music community should be grateful to the developers for such commitment (I can’t think of another plugin that keeps on giving after all these years!). BeatSpace is a lot of fun, super easy to use, visually catchy, and most importantly, very inspiring.

If you are a Microtonic user, don’t miss out and download it immediately. If you’re not a Microtonic user yet, you have one more reason to buy the plugin (currently $99 + VAT) and enjoy this little gift.

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