50% OFF Arturia V Collection 9 & FX Collection 3

Arturia V Collection 9 and FX Collection, two of our favorite bundles here at ANR, are both on sale these days.

By the way, Arturia has just released the V Collection 9.1, a free update for V Collection 9 users of their flagship virtual instrument suite. This broad update expands the accessibility, personalization, hardware integration, and creativity of V Collection 9 at no extra cost.

What You Get With the 9.1 Update

  • New sound design tutorials for KORG MS-20 V, Prophet-5 V, CS-80 V, and SQ80 V
  • Analog Lab polyphony, MPE, and Vocoder V enhancements
  • Universal browser keyboard shortcuts and voiceover feedback compatibility
  • MiniLab 3 V Collection instrument integration
  • Enhanced tagging & playlist customization
  • Arturia Software Center (ASC) custom resource location
  • V Collection NKS certification
  • Performance & bug fixes

Don’t Sleep On The FX Collection 3

While the V Collection 9 is certainly the most popular Arturia software product, I would recommend you not to sleep on the company’s FX Collection 3. I use these effects a lot, as they sound great and are not CPU-hungry (even an older Mac like mine runs them just fine).

FX Collection 3 is a curated suite of 26 essential audio production plugins, combining enhanced emulations of classic studio hardware with groundbreaking modern effects, giving musicians and producers the inspiring, musical, and pro-grade software tools they need to get creative with their sound.

You’ll find trailblazing contemporary effects (granular stuff, etc.), vintage studio classics (among others, the Roland Tape Echo and EHX Memory Man, anyone?), and the immediate software flexibility your DAW workflow needs. And being software, you get extra features (modulation, etc.) you couldn’t have with the original hardware items.

Get The Deals

The V Collection 9 and the FX Collection 9 are both on sale for 50% off!

Get the V Collection 9 for approx. 300 EUR / USD.

Get the FX Collection 3 for approx. 200 EUR/USD.

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