Spare Your CPU – GPU Audio Announce Beta Suite Modulation Bundle 

GPU Audio have announced the first release in their free beta-suite of plugins, with the Modulation Bundle; featuring a Chorus, a Flanger and a Phaser – all powered by your computer’s graphics card. The bundle is the first installment in a suite of plugins which will include a collection of production effects created with GPU Audio’s patented technology – harnessing the parallel processing power of GPUs for ultra-low latencies, vast scalability, and the promise of continuous machine learning.

The Modulation Bundle starts off their beta-suite collection, with further installments being added in bundles in the coming weeks. The beta suite illustrates their intent to make GPU audio processing accessible to a huge range of producers, sound designers, and musicians – alleviating the pressure and workload ordinarily placed on the CPU. 

I hear you. Modern computers are incredibly fast already and can handle tons of plugins. Do we really need something like this? Well, only time will tell, but I think it’s something we should keep an eye on. Especially for certain kinds of audio processing, such as IR-based plugins, GPU Audio’s technology could prove incredibly helpful.

In the past few months, they’ve forged official partnerships with AMD and NVIDIA for Windows systems and there is good news for Mac users – they’re working closely with Apple right now to roll out support for macOS in November. The Modulation bundle is initially compatible with NVIDIA GPUs, with AMD support and AAX formats coming soon. 

Before the end of the year, they’ll be releasing an SDK for third-party developers, allowing for the creation of audio effects, systems, and technologies that break free from the constraints of conventional audio. With multiple contracts signed, they have already announced the first 3rd party plugin will be made in conjunction with the acclaimed Spatial Audio company Mach1.

As with their early-access plugin, the Modulation Bundle will be incrementally updated with new features added as they go, so look out for updates, improvements, and refinements in the near future. All feedback on the collection is valued and gratefully received on their Discord channel where they provide support directly to their community. 

If you haven’t tried their free Early Access FIR Convolution Reverb, you can download all of their plugins from! But for now, get your hands on the Modulation Bundle and try out these revolutionary plugins for yourself.

You can download the Modulation Bundle here.

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