Loopcloud 7 Review: Usability, AI and More

Here at ANR we’ve been following Loopcloud’s development since its early days and we’re happy to see it just reached a new milestone today, with the release of Loopcloud 7.

What’s Loopcloud?

For those not familiar with Loopcloud, we could start by saying it’s a subscription-based, gigantic online sample library with all the possible one-shot sounds and loops a modern producer might need (we’re talking 4 million royalty free samples here!).

An excerpt from the home page

Sound-quality and curation is guaranteed. Loopcloud features exclusive packs from influential producers. From legendary figures such as Roni Size and Howie B, to nu-revolutionaries including objekt blue, Anastasia Kristensen and Ashibah, these artist-curated packs put Loopcloud users at the cutting edge of contemporary sound-design.

But it’s actually more than that. Loopmasters, the company behind Loopcloud, defines it “an all-in-one production partner”, and I think this is a much more appropriate description of what Loopcloud actually is.

First of all, Loopcloud integrates tightly with your DAW through a simple, dedicated plugin (I use it with Logic on Mac, but there’s a VST version too), and that alone to me is a huge plus. This plugin acts as an effective bridge between the DAW and the Loopcloud app on your computer, so that you can actually hear how Loopcloud’s samples and loop match your song.

Speaking of plugins, Loopcloud subscribers also get two extra sample-player plugins, DRUM and PLAY. Loopcloud DRUM provides you with unique drums in seconds by turning samples into expressive kits, bringing together pro-quality sounds and unique rhythm combinations to inspire unexplored grooves. Additionally, Loopcloud PLAY places signature sounds in your hands by giving you access to endless top-quality sounds from global genres and industry experts, packaged in a focused and easy-to-use interface with a vast collection of concise, powerful and playable instruments.

Loopcloud includes also a cloud storage feature, which allows you to upload your sample collection to backup your sample library and access your samples from anywhere, and via multiple machines.

The 8-track recorder with some effects

The Loopmasters team even added an 8-track recorder and pattern creator. You can slice, edit and rearrange samples and add effects such as reverb, delay and grain-stretch – even on sounds you’ve not yet purchased. This is actually a quite powerful feature that makes Loopcloud much more creative than a generic sample library. I had some great results reshaping some loops (that were ok but not exactly what I needed), giving them a different pulse and a whole new vibe.

What’s Different in Loopcloud 7?

In my previous experiences with Loopcloud, such a big catalog of samples and such a vast array of features had only one main drawback: a certain complexity of use, especially for less experienced users.

Loopcloud 7 aims for a more intuitive and creative workflow, and after spending some time with the new version I can confirm it’s definitely easier to use. As you open the app, instead of those flashy banners with all the new releases, you get presented with a clearly laid-out search panel.

It’s not just a cosmetic upgrade though. A completely redesigned and powerful search engine gets you to the sounds you need, faster. Switch between hyper-specificity and use AI harmony-matching to find one-shots, and loops to push a promising track over the finishing line, or seek out similar recommendations with adjustable audio search filters.

Check out this quick tutorial video to learn more about Loopcloud:

Plans and Pricing

Loopcloud is available as a monthly or yearly subscription, from £5.99 a month for the Artist tier.

Loopcloud monthly subscription GBP: £5.99 / £9.99 / £17.99
Loopcloud annual subscription GBP: £59.99 / £99.99 / £179.99

USD Monthly: $7.99 / $11.99 / $21.99

EUR Monthly: €6.99 / 10.99 / 19.99

Is It Worth It?

Unless you’re one of those musicians/producers who just work with their own sounds, you’ll find Loopcloud an incredibly helpful resource. It has tons of quality content, artist-curated sound packs, it integrates well with your DAW, and it has some pretty nifty features. Version 7 makes everything more usable and easier to find, which is a great bonus. To me, it’s a no-brainer. I’d recommend starting with the Artist or Studio plan, for most users those two will be more than enough.

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