Chorus Ensembler, Audiority’s Take On The Classic Boss CE-1

Audiority, the boutique software company specializing in high-quality (and often retro-flavored) audio plugins, just added a new cult item to their inspiring catalog. In their words, The Chorus Ensembler is a faithful simulation of the Boss® CE-1™, a mid 70’s BBD chorus and vibrato pedal (that basically became the “chorus sound” of the Eighties!).

Being a UAD-1 card owner, I remember being very excited when the CE-1 Universal Audio emulation came out looong ago, and I’m happy to see now a native version of this classic pedal.

This is the first product Roland® marketed as Boss®, becoming one of the most sought after pedals thanks to its warm and organic character. I

Compared to the classic version where, in stereo mode, the chorus is split between dry (left channel) and wet (right channel), our Chorus Ensembler goes further by providing a STEREO switch allowing full chorus on both channels.

NOTE: This plugin, like the original hardware, saturates pretty quickly. If you want a cleaner sound, set the VINTAGE button to off and gain stage via the IN and LEVEL parameters.

Here you can see the plugin in action:

The Chorus Ensembler is currently on sale for only €49.00 €29.00 and you can read more about it on the official web page.

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