Camilla Cabello calls out rude fans who sang over her during UEFA’s opening ceremony

The notorious Cuban Singer, Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao had some sort of troubles in the opening ceremony of the UEFA Champions League, when some of the attendees singed over her opening performance. The images showed a very displeased Cabello singing one of her greatest hits “Señorita”, and the supporters of both Liverpool and Real Madrid sang their teams anthems, quite disturbing the performance of the young Cuban singer.
It wasn´t long after the match, that Camilla wrote a quite angry tweet, talking about the “very rude” attitude of “singing their teams anthem so loud during our performance”. With those words the singer described this situation, that even when at first it isn´t uncommon between football fans, it´s not always as loud as when she was singing.
Some speculate soon after the performance that the teams supporters were giving some sort of message to the Cuban singer by not paying attention and wanting the match to start. The match took place in France, a quite “neutral” setting if you want for both teams, and the crowd was evenly divided between both factions. So the singing during Cabello´s performance wasn´t something distinctive, but rather “unintelligible” chanting.
Even when most of the attendees enjoyed the show in silence, a lot of people had the same complain as Camila, saying that they couldn´t listen to the show quite as they wanted to. But as always, the great majority of football fans wanted to watch the game and wasn´t very concerned about the performance at all.
It´s one of the reasons why most of the entertainment in other big events, like the famous American SuperBowl show happens at halftime, as well as most events within the National Basketball Association, or NBA. In particular if the performance isn´t as long as other extensive songs or presentations like the Olympics or maybe football matches within the World Cup.

A short performance to tired fans
Some of the answers directed to Miss Cabello´s tweet were mainly addressing the fact that many fans had to endure 2 to 3 hours of waiting, a lot of security checkpoints, and some even manifested that they feared for their security outside of the stadium, since the match was also delayed due to some violent groups trying to enter the arena by force. With the ticket averaging more than 600 euros (close to £ 510), a lot of fans were quite outraged about the waiting time, and of course they were quite anxious to see their teams in the field.
That´s why some experts argued that the UEFA could just let the entertainment come after the first half, tensions would have been much lower and the audience could have enjoyed more of Miss Cabello´s performance. Especially considering that her singing only went for six minutes, in a very particular medley of songs consisting of some of her greatest hits, like “Señorita”, “Havana”, “Bam Bam” and “Don´t go yet”.
It might have been just a coincidence between a little of bad luck and the high expectations of the fans, that were really anxious to see the match, but instead had to “wait more” as some described because the performance was set at the beginning. Perhaps this episode helps the UEFA understand that they need to push their shows to the halftime, in particular in football, as they take from 15 to 30 minutes.

What´s in store for Miss Cabello
Actually this event was a great thing for Camila and her band, since not only she got to be in the middle of this controversy, but also because her performance got high praises from both fans and newcomers to her music. In fact, as she is one of the most preferred music to animate TikTok videos, other than royalty-free music, her career that seems to have started so long ago, doesn´t appear to be fading at all, on the contrary it keeps growing with every event she takes a part on.
There were rumors that this kind of backslash generated by her tweet and kind of demeanor for football fans would bring a lawsuit to her doorstep, but they were thin air. In fact, some of her lawyers were thinking in demanding the UEFA organization for how the even took place and fearing to a point for Miss Cabello´s security after the incidents that took place in the entrance.
This clearly haven´t make a dent or anything similar in Cabello´s career, that not only will continue growing as it has done over the past 10 years, but also will extend more to cinema (she was Cinderella in the last movie) and also in TV, were she also has a lot of experience. Eventually she might come to a halt, but not this event, or any other sign points to think that it will happen any time soon. In fact, some take in consideration that both she and her managers are really good at taking advantage of such controversy, capitalizing hard on it and bringing a lot to the table for Miss Cabello´s career.

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