Blipblox SK2 and myTRACKS – More Cool Sound ‘Toys’ For The Cool Kids

Playtime Engineering, the San Francisco company committed to simplifying electronic music play for all, have recently introduced the Blipblox SK2 and Blipblox myTRACKS music production devices, and we think your kids should know about it!

The Blipblox SK2 is the newest addition to the Blipblox synthesizer line (featuring the original Blipbox we own and love, and the later After Dark version). The SK2 model features a colorful spacey design with both a signal flow diagram and labeled controls to promote synthesis discovery. The 400 built-in melodies range from video game pop to classical music riffs. Advanced features include resonant multi-mode filters, wavetable synthesis, 16 oscillator schemes and stereo multi-tap delay.

The all-new set of pitch-shifting drum samples include some sonic surprises like sound effects and vocals. A completely redesigned LED light show gives kids the feeling of being center stage as it synchronizes with their live jam. Just like every Blipblox, the SK2 features MIDI In, 1⁄4” audio out and a lot of fun packed into a child-durable, safety-certified device.

The Blipblox myTRACKS is Playtime Engineering’s take on the classic MPC line and allows even the youngest kids to create music on a multi-track sampling device. The myTRACKS features a 5×5 grid of playpads that instantly triggers sounds and launches sequencer clips. The myTRACKS comes loaded with 48 unique instrument sounds ranging from acoustic to electronic to percussion. Each instrument can be applied to the 5 tracks, creating an endless palette of sounds to explore.

Signature Blipblox levers control two effects processors that can be applied to any track, providing a wide range of expression on any sound. Advanced functionality normally hidden within complex menus, is instead instantly accessible with dedicated buttons. A built-in microphone (yay!) encourages kids to create their own real-world vocals and sounds to include in any track. By using the built-in sequences, or recording your own, anyone can quickly create detailed, multi-track songs. A powerful Randomize function also provides instant inspiration. After dialing in the perfect groove, sets can be saved for future performance.

The myTRACKS sounds and sequences are completely updatable via the USB-C connection, making the device a true music platform. Users can instantly download new sound sets for specific styles, including orchestra, hip-hop, jazz, rock and EDM. This update feature ensures the myTRACKS is always inspiring fresh music creativity and will be available at time of product release.

The myTRACKS includes a 5-pin MIDI Out, so it can be used to control any Blipblox synthesizer, or any of the thousands of sound modules and synths that include MIDI In. The USB-C includes class-compliant USB MIDI in and out, so it can be used to control any software running inside a Mac or PC’s DAW.

Pricing and Availability

Blipblox SK2

MSRP: $199
Safe for ages 3+ Available November 2022

Blipblox myTRACKS

MSRP: $249
Safe for ages 3+ Available Q1 2023

To learn more about these two brilliant products, please visit the official website.

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