Remixlive 7 – New AI Remix And More

After years of iterating on their flagship Remixlive app, version 6 was a milestone for both the app and Mixvibes, with the introduction of many new features: Song mode, feature parity between all devices, Live Set, and automatic AI sorting of samples, to name a few.

Today, with Remixlive 7, Mixvibes are pushing forward with the integration of AI into the app, putting the focus squarely on the new possibilities that AI can bring to music creation. Their new AI Remix feature, the fruit of months of work on the audio engine, opens the door for new remixing opportunities.

AI Remix works in a simple way: input any song or track on your device into it, and the AI engine will split the original audio file into four stem files. These four stems correspond to drums, bass, instruments and vocals, respectively. Once split into files, you can use the stems however you wish, either to create a remix of the original song, use acapellas in new tracks for DJ sets, sample different parts of tracks to create whole new ones; the list of possibilities is endless.

To find samples quicker, we have also integrated the AI into the sample library to provide automatic recommendation of samples, for an easier pack creation experience: find harmonically-matching samples, similar-BPM beats, all with user-adjustable search filters.

This new feature is the result of years of experience from Mixvibes in the realm of audio processing and innovative software solutions, such as their previous Rap Maker app, that allowed budding rappers to flow over stems provided directly in the app. Remixlive 7’s AI Remix is poised to bring the possibilities of stems to a brand new audience, a truly affordable and powerful way to split songs into stems, and use the vast possibilities of Remixlive to use, edit and reconfigure those stems in endless ways.

Pricing and Availability

Remixlive is free to download, and available with in-app purchases of packs and features. Mixvibes also offer the possibility of a subscription on iOS and Android, which unlocks all packs and features for $/€9.99 monthly or $/€49.99 yearly. To learn more please visit the official website.

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