Kilohearts v2 Update – More Modulation And Creative Possibilities

Kilohearts has announced a significant free update to the entire Kilohearts Ecosystem of plugins with the release of Kilohearts v2.

The Kilohearts v2 update is focused mainly on modulation with the introduction of new modulators and the incorporation of the Phase Plant modulation system to Multipass (you can also check out our Kilohearts Multipass review) and Snap Heap, dramatically increasing the possibilities for dynamic modular effects creation.

In addition, there are a number of improvements to the functionality, GUI, and optimisation of Phase Plant, Multipass and Snap Heap. These include MPE support, improved visualisation of modulation connections, external automation for any parameter, modulator/effects groups, and much more.

To help users discover the myriad new possibilities for audio processing and sound design that have been opened up by this update there is also lots of new factory content to explore.

Multipass and Snap Heap get the full Kilohearts Modulation System

Those familiar with Phase Plant will already be aware of the power and flexibility of the Phase Plant modulation section, which allows you to combine and connect as many modulators as you need. The modular effects building machines, Snap Heap and Multipass, were previously limited to just a handful of modulation options but that has all changed with the release of Kilohearts v2, which has kitted them out with the full Kilohearts Modulation System

This opens up whole universes of new creative possibilities for creating dynamic, evolving, responsive, or chaotic modular effects within these already super-useful Snapin Hosts.

New Modulators


MSEGs done the Kilohearts way.

The Curve modulator allows you to draw detailed modulation shapes of any length with the option to set and modulate loop points with a selection of loop modes. Use Curve for long slow changes, extended complex modulations, or unique envelopes with custom loops and tails.

LFO Table

Cycle through 256 LFO shapes in one modulator.

LFO Tables are LFOs that load wavetables. This original and unique module opens up a swathe of possibilities for rhythm and pitch modulation. When combined with the Random modulator, LFO Tables are incredibly powerful for crafting evolving generative patterns.


Map incoming values to whatever output values you need with custom remap shapes.

Ultimate precision control over output values from any input. Great for locking pitch values to specific note frequencies, among other things.

Sample & Hold + Audio Follower + Pitch Track

Handy modulation utilities that convert incoming signals into modulation values.

These utilities were previously only available in Snap Heap and Multipass but have been updated to be a part of the Kilohearts Modulation System. Sample and Hold can be used to grab input values when triggered, the Audio Follower will track the amplitude of an incoming signal and use it to modulate whatever you desire, and the Pitch Tracker will do the same for pitch.

New Functionality

  • Modulator Triggers – kick off an envelope, LFO, or curve when the incoming value reaches a specified threshold
  • MPE Support – Use any MPE controller to add expressive dimensions to your performance
  • LFO rates can now go way slower. All the way to 0Hz, in fact.
  • External Automation for any parameter – Link up to 64 external automation sources directly to almost any parameter

Workflow Improvements

  • Improved visualisation of modulation connections – see exactly what is connected to what immediately with just a mouse-hover
  • Updated modulation target menu – clearer values and a quick remap curve
  • Effects Groups – Combine multiple Snapins into groups to quickly move and copy them
  • Modulator Groups – Do the same for modulators
  • Various bugfixes and optimisations
  • Slightly different colours…!

Free for All Users
This is a free update available for all users and all they need to do is run the Kilohearts Installer and update to start using Kilohearts v2 immediately. And don’t think this is the end… Kilohearts have lots more planned for future updates. If there was something you were hoping for that hasn’t been added yet, just stay tuned!

Pricing Update
In conjunction with this software update, Kilohearts have also made some changes to product bundles and pricing. More information on the pricing update can be found here.

To learn more about the Kilohearts ecosystem please visit the official website.

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