Create Your Own Synth With Simple, A New DIY Platform

One of the most interesting things seen at Superbooth 2022 has been Simple, a platform for synth design launched by SynthUX Academy. The purpose of Simple is to help musicians and makers design and build professional instruments. The platform is built out of three parts – the community, educational resources, and DIY kits.

The Simple kit includes everything that is needed to get started building a digital instrument. The Simple board is modular. Knobs, switches, and jack sockets can be placed anywhere. The socket for the microcontroller has 48 pins. It can be connected to a Teensy 4.1, a Daisy Seed, an Arduino Nano, or any other microcontroller in the Nano form factor.

Each component requires just a single wire to work. A potentiometer, switch or jack can simply be placed in one of the 80 sockets and the patch bay will connect it to the microcontroller. Simple is powered through USB but an additional analog circuit can be added to it, too. There’s a little perfboard to help patch external circuits and with a little bit of creativity, it can even be made Eurorack compatible (it is 42HP 3U in size!).

Simple is a community project and so all the revenues from are invested back in the Synthux community activities the Synth Design Podcast, workshops, the Simple platform and other educational activities.

Synthux Academy wants everyone to be able to access Simple. Therefore, worldwide shipping is free of cost. A lot of thought was put into the kit and its sustainable package. The package is biodegradable, weighs under 400grs and will fit in every mailbox!

The Simple kit comes in two edition:
Simply Packed! €289
Simply Brainless €159

To learn more about Simple and order your kit, please visit the official website.

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