Audio Hijack 4: Tons Of New Features For The Rogue Amoeba Classic

Audio Hijack is a truly classic Mac app, a must-have for anyone dealing with audio-based workflows. Audio Hijack 4 is a major upgrade to the company’s flagship audio recorder and processor. This new version includes an astonishing 107 new features, enhancements, improvements, and bug fixes. Here are just a few of the many notable updates:

A Revised Interface, With Light Mode
The developers worked hard to make it better and easier to use. Changes include a new Light mode, as well as rethought popovers, improved blocks, and myriad smaller improvements and refinements.

Scripting Support
With programmatically-driven workflows powered by JavaScript, a whole new world of automation is now possible. Not fluent in JavaScript? No worries! Built-in scripts and Shortcuts for MacOS 12 make automation possible for anyone.

Manual Connections
For power users with complex setups, they’ve implemented the ability to manually connect your audio pipeline. You can now optionally draw wires between blocks to achieve tricky setups, independent of layout.

Three Powerful New Blocks
Add new functionality to your Audio Hijack sessions. The Mixer block is a powerful tool for podcasters and live streamers, while the Simple Compressor and Magic Boost blocks offer easy one-click audio adjustment.

With three digits’ worth of improvements, there’s much, much more to discover. Existing users are encouraged to visit these links:

Pricing and Availability
If you own a license for Audio Hijack 3, you can move up to version 4 at our heavily discounted upgrade price of just $29.

And if you’re new to Audio Hijack? Well, there’s never been a better time to check it out. If you want to record any audio on your Mac, broadcast to RTMP or MP3, or even adjust audio as it plays, Audio Hijack is ready to assist. Download the free trial from the Audio Hijack page to get started.

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