Two Freebies From Baby Audio for iOS Users

Baby Audio has released their two popular freebies Magic Switch and Magic Dice (a simplified version of their popular Spaced Out and Super VHS desktop plugins) as AUv3 plugins for iPad / iPhone. Both plugins are now available for free download for iOS and iPadOS devices on the App Store.

Baby Audio founder Caspar Bock quote:
“We’re excited to make our products available to the mobile music-making community.
Download numbers for Magic Switch and Magic Dice in their original desktop format were in the
hundreds of thousands in 2021 alone. This makes them the most used Baby Audio plugins –
and possibly also some of the most popular freebies on the plugin market in general.”
“As an indie developer, freebies have proven to be a wonderful and viral way to connect with
new users. With our iOS / iPadOS releases we hope to do just that – and learn from the mobile
music-making community before eventually venturing into premium AUv3 products. This is just
the beginning!”

To download the two apps, please visit the dedicated App Store page.

Magic Switch and Magic Dice will be followed by more mobile releases from Baby Audio in

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