Efx FRAGMENTS – Arturia’s Take On Granular Synthesis

Granular effect plugins are not a novelty on the market. Yet, according to Arturia, Efx FRAGMENTS, their new plugin launched today, takes the complex concept of granular synthesis and turns it into a flexible, accessible, and musical tool for the intrepid sound explorer. Divide and deconstruct any sound, rearrange and transform the pieces, and reassemble it to your own design.

Explore truly transformative and musical sound design in unprecedented detail; create shimmering reverb clouds, reality-shattering glitches & stutters, rhythm-enhancing layers of texture, and much, much more.

Beauty or chaos
Instantly create glitchy stutters, shimmering stereo ambience, metallic textures, and fragmented rhythmic ideas.

Experimental yet musical
The essential elements of granular processing, distilled into a single exciting plugin. Elevate your melodies, destroy your textures, warp your beats, and everything in between.

Supreme versatility
3 unique granular modes, creative pitch & texture functions, customizable modulation, and built-in FX. Efx FRAGMENTS offers a feature set that exceeds every expectation.
Intuitive, enjoyable
Granular doesn’t have to be complex. Efx FRAGMENTS streamlines it into an accessible & inspiring plugin that encourages experimentation and delivers amazing results every time.

Efx FRAGMENTS: Intro offer
To celebrate the launch, registered users can purchase Efx FRAGMENTS at a one-off introductory price, with discounts up to 60% off. All users will also have access to discounts on a bundle comprising FX Collection 2 + Efx FRAGMENTS, starting at 25% off. Users can login at arturia.com to unlock their exclusive discounts, available until Thursday, March 17th.

If you’re intested in granular synthesis, you can also check other cool plugins we previously featured here on ANR, such as Granulizer 2, Pastfabric, Quanta and Granite.

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