This is NOT a Piano – A ‘Surrealist’ New Library From AudioBrewers

The guys at AudioBrewers are certainly not afraid of going beyond the average sample library-making process (see our previous AudioBrewers coverage). This is NOT a Piano is their latest product, and as you can guess, it’s quite different from the existing sampled pianos you can find on the market. Magritte, anyone?

How about we let the AudioBrewers describe their work in their own words?

“In our effort to push the boundaries of acoustic immersion, we decided to run an experiment that resulted in a beautiful library: This is NOT a Piano.
With the massive amount of Pianos and Sound Design libraries out there, we tried an combine the two concepts, but this time, in a reversed way: What if instead of preparing a Piano and then doing some Sound Design with its sound, we designed some sound, and then played it THROUGH the Piano so as to record its resonance?

‘This is NOT a Piano’ comes packed with detailed we paid so much attention to, just to deliver the most NOT realistic sounds:
‘Keystroke’ samples in case you want to feel as if you were playing a Piano (although you aren’t).
Pedal Down resonances so that when you press the Sustain Pedal, the sound spreads just like in a real Piano (although it isn’t!)
‘Sustains’ and ‘Pedal-Down’ sustains are completely independent so you can go crazy layering and combining multiple Articulations.
You can also let the Pedal-Down articulation ‘always on’ as we organised our layered engine to suit all the possibilities!
Everything was recorded and mixed both in Ambisonics and Stereo, so you can have so much detail in the sound’s immersion, you’ll experience music to another level.

Here below you can listen to some audio demos of the library.

Pricing and Availability

‘This is NOT a Piano’ is available here, currently on sale for $49 (instead of $79).

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