Splice Meets Hyperpop: Resources, Interviews, Sounds and More

If Giorgio was pretty much right telling Daft Punk that, to him in the early ’70s, “the Moog was the sound of the future”, hyperpop could be probably defined as today’s sound of the future. Eclectic, boundary-less, and endlessly energetic, hyperpop is perhaps one of the most exciting musical movements since punk rock in the 1970s.

To celebrate this cutting-edge musical scene, Splice created a section of its website with a wide range of resources – from sample packs (obviously!) to interviews and more.

Spliced asked some top producers, such as Casey MQ, torr, noah jack, Angelus and more, to curate their favorite sounds of hyperpop and beyond. The result is an intruguing collection of mindblowing sounds that could just be what you’re looking for while working on your next tracks.

Also, Splice interviewed GFOTY, Umru, and Count Baldor to explore this extremely vibrant musical phenomen.

Check out Splice’s take on hyperpop with collections, new packs, interviews, and more from the artists pushing pop music ahead.

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