Goldbaby KazioTron Keys – Cassette Vibes And 80s home keyboards

Goldbaby is back with another juicy sample pack, KazioTron Keys (killer name, BTW!). The warm, lo-fi goodness of cassette tape married to the nostalgia and character of 80s home keyboards. Think of KazioTron Keys as a cassette Mellotron with vintage 80s home keyboard tapes.

Soft, mellow keys. Woozy emotive synths. Dirty, imperfect leads. These sounds are super fun to play.

Gear used: Casio VL1, SK1, MT70, MT18, CT201, CT301 and a sneaky little Yamaha PS3 bass sound. Multiple cassette decks and cassette types. Also, the odd modulation pedals for a little extra mojo. Tracked through 1073 and 501 pre-amps and a valve mixer.

Check out the video below to see and hear KazioTron Keys in action:

Includes non-cassette versions of each instrument if you want pure vintage home keyboard sounds.

The packs come with patches for Kontakt, Logic Pro, Ableton Live and TAL-Sampler. The Kontakt version has an excellent user interface script.

Every sampler has a different sound and character. So each format will differ slightly from the others. The raw sounds, however, all sound the same in each format. Bear this in mind when listening to the audio demos.

Pack Contents:

• 1702 x 24 bit wav samples

• Kontakt (5.8.1 or higher) (full version only, not the free player) – 160 x Instrument patches, 10 x Combo Racks. (Inc Scripted GUI)

• Logic Pro EXS-24/Sampler – 160 x Instrument patches

Ableton Live (10.1.42 or higher) – 20 x Instrument Racks, 160 x Simpler Patches, 5 Demo Sets

• TAL-Sampler (2.5.4 or higher) – 160 x Instrument patches

• Downloadable pack – 1.7 GB

Price and Availability


KazioTron Keys can be purchased and downloaded directly from Goldbaby’s website.

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