EarMaster Ear Training and Sight-Singing App Now on Android

We don’t often get the chance of posting something Android-related on ANR, so I guess today it’s a good day…
EarMaster has released an Android version of its well-established ear training and sight-singing app of the same name. Currently available on Windows, Mac and iOS, EarMaster is used by musicians and music schools in most countries to improve their skills in aural training, sight-singing, core music theory, and rhythm.

The Android version of EarMaster is optimized to run on phones, tablets and Chromebooks, making it a prime choice for musicians and music schools in need of a comprehensive training tool similar to what could only be found on PC and Mac so far.

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EarMaster is a music learning App which focuses on ear training, sight-singing, core music theory and rhythm training. It includes 2500 lessons designed by renowned music theory teachers from the USA and Denmark for musicians and students of all skill levels playing any instrument.

With EarMaster, musicians can:

  •     train to hear and write intervals, chords, scales, harmonic progressions, and melodies
  •     practice their sight-singing skills with instant feedback on their intonation and timing
  •     improve their rhythmic accuracy with 4 rhythmic workshops
  •     learn or revise core music theory concepts with a Beginner’s Course
  •     develop their swing with Jazz workshops for advanced users

This new Android version was long-overdue, so we’re very excited to finally make all the awesome features of EarMaster available to Android users. And since it’s a 1:1 port of the other versions on desktop and iOS, this also means that 99% of all musicians with a phone, tablet or computer can now use EarMaster and benefit from the years of experience and improvements that EarMaster has acquired over the years.” – Hans Lavdal Jakobsen, CEO of EarMaster.

EarMaster has been a defacto training app for musicians and schools for many years, used in leading music schools such as Berklee College of Music, SAE Australia and The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. It has also been recognized by its peers with a NAMM Tec Awards nomination in 2017, a Music Teacher Awards for Excellence nomination in 2019, and a New App We Love feature in Apple’s App Store in 2020.

EarMaster is currently available in 11 languages: English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. More languages are on the way.

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EarMaster for Android is compatible with EarMaster Cloud, an educational solution for music schools, which makes it possible to create and deploy EarMaster assignments over the cloud, monitor student results, and manage student and teacher licenses centrally via a dedicated web interface.

EarMaster for Android is available from the Google Play Store as a free version with limited content. More content can be unlocked via in-app purchases from $1.99/€1.99, or as part of a subscription from $2.99/month (annual plan) to $4.99/month (monthly plan). Contrary to in-app purchases which unlock content on Android devices only, a monthly or annual subscription to EarMaster unlocks all content and features on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

EarMaster works on phones and tablets running Android Nougat (version 7) or newer, as well as on most Chromebooks.

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