Plume, New Plugin For The Neova MIDI Ring Controller

Neova is a MIDI ring controller for both DAWs and hardware synths, officially launched last year by Enhancia, a French company (you might remember our 2018 article about the Neova Kickstarter campaign). Neova allows users to control musical effects with natural hand gestures.

You can assign any effect with one of the gestures developed by Enhancia: Vibrato, Pitch Bend, Tilt, and Roll, which you can view here below:

Today the French company has announced Plume, a plugin designed explicitly for DAW users, scheduled for release on November 8, 2021. Plume is compatible with all major computer music software (Ableton Live, Reason, FL Studio, Logic Pro) and can load any digital instrument and control any musical effect.

According to Enhancia, in a few clicks, users will be able to map any gesture (vibrato, tilt, pitch bend, and roll) to any parameters/effects from their plugins. Every one of them has already been assigned so that users won’t have to waste their time and can simply browse the presets.

Plume is a plugin host. It can load any virtual instrument and control its parameters. Plume will be available in VST and AU format for both Windows and Mac OS operating systems. The plugin comes with a Factory Preset Pack, a selection of inspiring sounds powered by UVI sound engine specifically designed for Neova. You’ll find a Factory Sounds Library containing over 50+ inspiring and expressive sounds carefully crafted to work in synergy with Neova. Formerly exclusive to Neova users, all presets of these expressive sound expansions are now also offered in an open format, playable from any digital instrument.

Hopefully, we’ll have a chance to check out Neova with Plume soon. At ANR we’re very much into innovative tools for musicians and producers, and we look forward to that – by the way, it really looks like France is becoming a relevant hub for new companies making clever music tech products, remember Touché?

Pricing and Availability

Plume is free for Neova users, and so is the Factory Preset Pack. Neova costs 399€ / $399.
Release date: November 8, 2021. For more info, please visit the Enhancia website.

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