Eventide SplitEQ, Advanced EQ Tool For Transient and Tonal Control

Eventide today announced SplitEQ, in their words an advanced equalization tool unlike anything else on the market. It’s the follow up to the groundbreaking Physion

SplitEQ is a mixing/mastering EQ (now on sale!) that enables you to surgically address common equalization problems, even in a complex mix. Eventide’s patented Structural Split™ technology splits the incoming audio into Transient and Tonal signals. Once the signals are split, you can apply equalization and panning separately to each, making many tough EQ problems easy to solve. 

For example: “I want to increase the low thud of the kick drum, but a low-shelf boost will also make the sound muddy.” In SplitEQ, this problem is easy to solve—simply apply a low-shelf boost to the Transient signal only.

Splice Rent-to-Own

Under the hood, SplitEQ operates two EQs in parallel, one for the Transient signal, and one for the Tonal signal. This allows you to adjust Transient or Tonal signals independently or together. Because there are twice as many EQs, there are also twice as many controls and curves on the plot. SplitEQ provides linked controls for adjusting Transient and Tonal values together and uses color-coding to show which signal a control affects. As you learn to use SplitEQ, you will be delighted to discover how many common EQ problems it can solve, as well as the numerous new creative possibilities it inspires.

Whether you’re working on individual tracks, a full mix, or cleaning up a two-track loop, you’ll find SplitEQ to be an inspiring and powerful tool that allows you to approach material in a new, musically and sonically meaningful way.

Check out this SplitEQ masterclass video, focusing on the use of the plugin with drum and beats :

Splice Sounds

SplitEQ Features:
World-class 8-band parametric EQ with precise musical filters 

  • World-class 8-band parametric EQ with precise musical filters
  • Equalizes Transient and Tonal parts of a sound separately using Eventide’s patented Structural Split technology
  • Controls Transient and Tonal Output levels
  • Enhances the stereo field with continuous Transient and Tonal panning controls (L/R and Mid/Side modes)
  • Innovative real-time spectrum analyzer displays the Transient and Tonal streams independently
  • Controls for the underlying Split technology for fine tuning and experimentation
  • Globally scales the EQ curves together or independently
  • Has Peak, Notch, Bandpass, High-Shelf, Low-Shelf, Tilt Shelf, High-Pass, and Low-Pass filter types with slopes from 6 to 96 dB/octave
  • Includes a comprehensive library with over 150 presets
  • A/B buttons allow quick auditioning of two presets or settings plus Undo/ Redo functionality
  • Graphical user interface with zoom options and can be re-sized

SplitEQ is available for Mac and PC in VST, AAX and AU formats for an introductory price of $99 (reg. $179) from Eventide and authorized dealers worldwide. Visit eventideaudio.com/SplitEQ for more information and to request a free 30-day demo. 

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