Auto-Tune Slice, New Sampler/Synthesizer for Vocals and More

Antares Audio Technology, creators of Auto-Tune®, have recently released Auto-Tune Slice, a hybrid instrument that’s both a precision sampler and flexible synthesizer. Featuring an ever-expanding library of exclusive presets (including exclusive content from artists like Bon Iver), advanced vocal transient detection, built-in effects, and Auto-Tune functionality, Auto-Tune Slice is – according to the company – the world’s most advanced vocal sampler.

Optimized for vocals—but equally effective for beats, instruments, and other audio—Auto-Tune Slice turns samples into manageable slices that automatically map to your MIDI controller. Auto-Tune Slice turns any sample into a playable instrument, enabling you to rearrange slices, create new phrases and patterns, and easily manipulate your sounds with 14 onboard effects.

Auto-Tune Slice arrives complete with over 200 exclusive vocal samples and presets representing a wide range of genres and styles. This custom content was created by professional sound designers as well as some of the most influential and respected producers and artists working today. Exclusive presets from artists like Grammy-winning artists and producers Bon Iver and Aaron Dessner (Taylor Swift, The National) are all included.

Splice Rent-to-Own

In addition to the content that comes with Auto-Tune Slice, in the coming weeks Antares will be launching an evolving ecosystem of new custom presets and samples called Samplescape. Samplescape will deliver regular updates of new and exclusive vocal content that are available free of charge to anyone with an active subscription to Auto-Tune Unlimited.

Auto-Tune Slice is the only sampler in the world with Auto-Tune baked into its DNA. Direct Auto-Tune integration lets you tune your samples without ever leaving the Auto-Tune Slice environment. With its advanced transient detection algorithm, Auto-Tune Slice slices up vocals more accurately than traditional samplers.

Here’s an extensive video tutorial, if you would like to see how this plugin actually works:

Only With Auto-Tune Unlimited

If you’re one of those who prefer buying a license for your plugins, rather than relying on a subscription plan, well, you might not like this. Auto-Tune Slice is available exclusively with Auto-Tune Unlimited, the premium subscription service that includes every current edition of Auto-Tune, Auto-Tune Vocodist, all 11 of the vocal effects in the AVOX suite, unlimited upgrades for included plug-ins, free access to select future plug-ins from Antares, and free video tutorials in the Auto-Tune Vocal Production Academy.

Current Auto-Tune Unlimited subscribers have immediate access to Auto-Tune Slice at no extra cost. New subscribers can access Auto-Tune Unlimited for $24.99 paid monthly, or $18.74 a month with paid annual subscription. A free, 14-day trial is also available.

Exclusive Vocal Preset Packs

With over 200 onboard vocal presets, it’s easy to start creating with Auto-Tune Slice from the moment you turn it on. Through Samplescape, you can access a constantly updated stream of exclusive preset packs from A-List musicians, producers, and sound designers spanning multiple genres and styles

Pitch Correction and the Auto-Tune Effect

Built-in Auto-Tune technology enables you to tune your samples without leaving the Auto-Tune Slice environment. Dial it in to apply subtle pitch correction, or dial it up to create the classic “Auto-Tune Effect.”

Splice Sounds

Output + FX Section

14 onboard effects including vintage analogue tube saturation, lush chorus, mutative ring modulation, and vocal doubling enable endless possibilities for manipulating samples.

Auto-Key Compatibility

Auto-Tune Slice is compatible with the Auto-Key plug-in and the Auto-Key Mobile app, saving you valuable time in the studio by detecting the key and scale of your music, and sending it to Auto-Tune Slice with a single click.

Availability: Available now to current Auto-Tune Unlimited subscribers.
Price: Available exclusively with a subscription to Auto-Tune Unlimited for $24.99/mo or $224.90/yr.

To learn more and get a free trial of Auto-Tune Slice please visit the official web page.

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