Gullfoss Major Update – Live Version Plus 30% Off Sale

Gullfoss is an extraordinarily helpful mixing plugin (see our Gullfoss review). The good news is that it just got a major update and… it’s on sale until April 28th! Let’s hear what the company has to say about it.

According to Soundtheory, v1.9 is their biggest update so far. This latest version introduces new features, an improved equalizer engine, and an extra plugin called Gullfoss Live. 

Starting with this release, Gullfoss will come in two flavors. The established version of Gullfoss for mixing and mastering in the studio is now accompanied by Gullfoss Live, which is optimized for low-latency situations such as tracking and live mixing.

At a latency of less than 2 milliseconds, compared to the approximately 20 milliseconds for the regular version, Gullfoss Live delivers pristine sound quality and all the same features. The sound gains a little more character as the low-latency algorithm treats transients differently.

This difference also makes Gullfoss Live an alternative for mixing and mastering music styles with very pronounced transients. You may wish to experiment with both versions to investigate the different sound character of the resulting output.

New Features

With the new release, Gullfoss & Gullfoss Live gain support for sidechain processing to enable stem mastering, content-driven ducking, and creative sound-design.

The EQ display gain scale can now be changed so that even the most subtle movements can be observed. If you drag or click on the vertical gain axis, the gain alters in stages between a maximum of 3dB and 24dB.

The new equalizer engine debuting with version 1.9 improves upon the renowned sound quality of Gullfoss. A new innovative algorithm delivers a smoother high-end and a warmer low-end that will satisfy the most critical listeners. At the same time, the CPU performance is improved at very high sampling rates.

Gullfoss v1.9 including Gullfoss Live is a free update for all existing users. A free 14-day trial can be downloaded from their website. The same download allows you to activate a trial or activate a newly purchased license or install the latest update.

Here’s a new video that demonstrates the extra functionality available with version 1.9.

Don’t forget to download the latest user manual. This describes all the new features of version 1.9 as well as having a comprehensive guide to all of the basics of Gullfoss.


To celebrate the launch of Gullfoss Live and their biggest update ever, Soundtheory are having a rare and short sale! Until April 28th the price of Gullfoss will be reduced by 30%. Don’t miss out if you’re interested in this innovative tool!

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