Spire Pro – Record Your Vocals on iOS With Some iZotope Magic

Those audio tech wizards at iZotope have got in touch with us to announce Spire Pro, the latest update to their vocal recording iOS app.

Spire Pro is a paid upgrade to iZotope’s free Spire iOS app that gives users access to new, cutting-edge features and content as soon as they are released. Built on tech from iZotope flagships like RX (check out our latest iZotope RX feature) and Nectar (see our iZotope Nectar review), Spire Pro combines intuitive features like Automatic Noise Removal and Personalized Soundcheck with inspiring extras to help artists record pro-quality vocals and songs. With Spire Pro, vocalists, musicians and songwriters of all experience levels can capture release-ready recordings from anywhere.

Exclusive Features

Personalized Soundcheck: By listening to your voice and environment, Spire Pro’s Soundcheck applies personalized processing to make sure your voice sounds clear and polished, no matter where you record.

Automatic Noise Removal: Whenever you record, Spire Pro uses iZotope RX’s award-winning audio repair technology to drastically reduce unwanted background noise, reverb and echo often experienced in an untreated room.

Virtual Pop Filter: Also with the help of iZotope RX’s audio repair tech, Spire Pro automatically cleans up pops and plosives from your vocal tracks—just like a virtual pop filter.

Spire Pro Beats: A collection of royalty-free hip-hop beats—produced exclusively for Spire Pro subscribers.

Tune: This creative effect uses tech from iZotope Nectar‘s Pitch Module to let users tune their vocals from natural to robotic.

Inspire Me: This mix effect generator randomly adds effects to any track, combining effects like static EQ, plate reverb, iZotope Trash distortion, echo, chorus, tremolo, phaser, flanger, and more with a roll of the dice.

Expanding tools: Frequent updates mean users will get the newest,

cutting-edge recording features as soon as they are released, along with inspiring extras like beats, vocal effects like Lo-Shift and Hi-Shift, and more.

Pricing and Availability

Spire Pro is available on the iOS App Store. After a 3-day free trial, Spire Pro will cost you $4.99/mo or $47.99/yr.

You can read more about Spire Pro on the iZotope web page.

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