Free Hand Percussions? Get Heritage Percussion From Impact Soundworks

Hand percussions are a fundamental resource in any producer’s toolkit. Whether you’re playing acoustic, rock, or electronic music, adding some hand percussion sounds can spice up even the dullest tracks. That said, if you don’t already have an actual set of hand percussions in your studio, and you’re looking for some free, quality hand percussion (sampled) instruments, we got you covered.

13 Deep Sampled Instruments

Impact Soundworks, a renowned developer of virtual instruments, sample libraries, and music software tools (check out our Super Audio Cart feature) has released Heritage Percussion, a free-to-download collection of 13 deep-sampled hand percussion instruments from around the world.

Musicians can add texture, shimmer, and nuance to their tracks with shakers, rattles, claves, hand drums, and more. Programmed for Native Instruments Kontakt (full version required, v5 should work fine), the library also includes over 35 FX modules, making it possible to design, sculpt, and mix the sounds with no other plugins needed.

Heritage Percussion features the debut of Impact Soundworks’ new drum engine, Cadence, which makes it easier than ever to edit, fine-tune, mix, and re-map every individual drum and articulation. Every instrument is visualized to illustrate the source of each sound. 

Instruments recorded for this collection include two shakers, two claves, five rattles, djembe, cork drum, cabasa, and cowbell. The energy of live performance is finely-captured with extensive dynamic layers and variations for each instrument, plus two mic positions offering both close and room mix possibilities.

Here are some sound samples from Soundcloud:

You can also see Heritage Percussions in action here below on YouTube:

Get Your Free Hand Percussions!

Heritage Percussion is available now to download for free from the Impact Soundworks web store. Audio and video demos, specifications, and more product information are available at the Impact Soundworks website.

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