Bright Sparks Documentary Is Now Free on Youtube

Gforce Software (M-Tron, anyone?) have released their previously paid-for feature documentary, Bright Sparks, on Youtube, for free.

Eight Sound Pioneers

Released to critical acclaim in December 2015 and created to compliment the I Monster album of the same name, Bright Sparks documents the stories of eight musical instrument pioneers, – Robert Moog (Moog), Alan R Pearlman (ARP), Don Buchla (Buchla), Harry Chamberlin (Chamberlin), The Bradley Brothers (Mellotronics), Adrian Wagner (Electronic Dream Plant), Peter Zinovieff (EMS) and Ken Freeman (Freeman String Symphonizer).

At a time when so many are separated, this is Gforces way of pulling us together by bringing these great human stories to the fore. Exploring the narratives behind these early companies and their instruments, the film delves into the passion of these engineers each driven to design instruments matching their sonic vision in much the same way as any artist or musician is driven to create. 

This feature length documentary profiles eight companies with interviews and commentary from; I Monster, Herb Deutsch, Michelle Moog-Koussa, Alan R Pearlman, Dennis P Colin, Peter Zinovieff, Ken Freeman, John Bradley, Fred Gardner, Alessandro Cortini, Daniel Miller, Will Gregory, Adrian Utley, Rick Smith, Karl Hyde, Billy Currie, Chris Cross and Dave Spiers.

Here’s what some luminaries had to say about it:

“An engrossing and fascinating documentary that pays tribute to the modest but amazing innovators who changed the face of electronic music.”
Vince Clarke

“Electronic Music has been around for long enough to deserve its own historians and archaeologists. Dave Spiers is right at the top of the list: this loving and exhaustive study sets a new standard in instrument research, unravelling the tangled webs that lead to innovations.”
Brian Eno

“A fascinating look into the minds of the people who create the instruments that inspire me every day.”
Tom Rowlands (Chemical Brothers)

Where To Watch Bright Sparks + Coupon

Bright Sparks is now fully and freely available at the GForce Software TV YouTube channel. As a token of their appreciation for your continued support, the coupon code: 30GF can be used to reduce the cost of a future purchase on their website by £30.00.

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