Avantone Introduces The Bonzo Microphone Bundle

Avantone – the makers of the indomitable Mixcube that graces the monitor shelf of many a studio, have recently introduced a new Kick microphone bundle. The BONZO bundle includes a new sub mic, and hi-def kick microphone, giving you all the frequency coverage you need for creating solid Kick tones.

Released last year to widespread critical acclaim, Kick mic brings the boom from appropriate instruments out to the forefront, making large-sounding sources sound massive. Moreover, it neatly does so with a sub-frequency microphone that utilises its well-known reproduction ‘white cone’ low-frequency driver from the CLA-10 recreation of an iconic studio reference monitoring mainstay The microphone itself is of a moving coil dynamic type, with a 50Hz to 2kHz frequency response, 6.3 Ω output impedance, and figure- eight pattern, plus a male XLR connector. It comes with a stage-ready, double-braced drum stand.

Meanwhile, the MONDO mic is a rock solid entirely metal mic, with internal shock mounting, and a unique locking system on the external shock mount to prevent any slippage. As a cardioid polar pattern dynamic microphone weighing in at 5 kg (16 oz), MONDO’s specifications are equally enticing: 20Hz to 15kHz frequency response, 6.3 Ω output impedance, and 145dB maximum SPL, to quote some notable examples.

For what you’re getting, the pricing is very attractive too – $399 or ¢399 for the bundle.

For more in-depth info on Kick – visit here, and for more info on Mondo, here

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