Apogee Symphony ECS Plugin Goes Native

Good news for native DAW users. Apogee Electronics announced the availability of the Symphony ECS Channel Strip, a native audio plugin (previously only available to Apogee Symphony users) offering equalization, compression and saturation processing tuned by legendary mixing engineer Bob Clearmountain.

Designed to exceed expectations of the most discerning audio professionals, the Symphony ECS Channel Strip (Equalization, Compression, Saturation) gives artists, producers and mixers a quick and powerful toolkit to control and shape individual tracks and final mixes.

Here’s Bob Clearmountain on the Apogee Symphony ECS Channel Strip

Based on vintage 1970’s hardware equalization, the Symphony ECS Channel Strip EQ enables bold contouring synonymous with the musical era. At the same time it offers modern sidechaining for aggressive compression without pumping. The compressor’s foolproof gain reduction is based on modern console dynamic processors and provides for easy parallel compression using the Mix knob. For adding finishing touches of color to your sound, the Saturation section offers variable levels of harmonic distortion, from the subtle volume boost, to more obvious drive.

With this release, the Symphony ECS Channel Strip now runs on both Symphony Desktop on-board hardware DSP and as a native plugin in your DAW, opening an array of innovative and flexible workflows.

Pricing and Availability

Available now. Price: $99

To learn more about the Apogee Symphony ECS Channel Strip plugin and get your copy, please visit the related Apogee web page.

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